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MAR 2013

High-Performance Composites is read by qualified composites industry professionals in the fields of continuous carbon fiber and other high-performance composites as well as the associated end-markets of aerospace, military, and automotive.

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Market outlook Jacobson and Champion say the machine can process autoclave or out-ofautoclave thermosets, has applicability to aerospace manufacturing and could be used to process thermoplastics as well. Globe is testing aerospace parts in 2013 and hopes to receive an OEM process procedure approval for aerospace use sometime in early 2014. Tapping a similar vein was Dale Brosius, president, Quickstep Composites LLC (Dayton, Ohio), who reviewed his company's automated through-thickness infusion and rapid-cure process. It uses resin spray transmission (RST) in a process that, Brosius says, approximates semipreg. In RST, the user starts with an open, empty mold. The mold is sprayed with a thermoset resin. A carbon fiber fabric preform is placed over the sprayed mold surface. The mold is then closed and the part is cured. The system, says Brosius, offers rapid heating and cooling (30°C to 40°C/min), 10-minute part-to- W yoming T est F ixtures INC. Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence 1988-2013 • Over 40 types of fixtures in stock, ready to be shipped. • Expert consultation with Dr. Adams • Email or call today to discuss your fixture and custom design needs. Our product catalog is available on our website Short Beam Shear ASTM D 2344 Miniature Short Beam Shear Shown with Miniature Three/Four Point Short Beam Shear Screw Adjustable Short Beam Shear We provide quotes for a variety of grips, fixtures, and jigs. We carry over 40 types of fixtures in stock, available for immediate delivery. Email or call us today. We look forward to hearing from you. Dr. Donald F. Adams 2960 E. Millcreek Canyon Road President Salt Lake City, UT 84109 50 years of Phone (801) 484.5055 Composite Testing Experience Fax (801) 484.6008 email: wtf@wyomingtestfixtures.com www.wyomingtestfixtures.com 52 | high-performance composites part cycle time, low tooling costs, energy efficiency, easy automation and parts with Class A surfaces. The material costs are said to be 20 to 40 percent less than prepreg, and parts can be either painted or clearcoated. Quickstep is selling and licensing the technology globally and, Brosius added, has placed a machine that, at HPC press time, is set to begin operation in the first quarter of this year. Exhibitor Dieffenbacher North America (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) introduced its high-pressure resin transfer molding (HP-RTM) process, aimed at manufacturing automotive carbon fiber composites. Dieffenbacher officials at the conference said the company has developed machinery to automate fabric preforming, molding and finishing. Molding is performed at pressures of 80 to 100 bar (1,160 to 1,450 psi) and offers part-to-part cycle times of about three minutes. The process, said Dieffenbacher, is being used by a European automotive OEM to manufacture B-pillar structures for a production vehicle. Next year, Tennessee Other presentations at the conference covered a comparison of metallic and composite wings, design and engineering of large antenna structures, carbon fiber use in electricity transmission lines, automated dry fiber placement and design of reinforcements for damage tolerance. Check online at www.compositesworld.com for exclusive reports on these presentations. Carbon Fiber 2013 has already been scheduled for Dec. 9-12 in Knoxville, Tenn., and will include a tour of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Visit www. compositesworld.com and click "Conferences" for more information and to register for an e-mail service that will provide updates on the event. Learn More @ www.compositesworld.com Read this article online at http://short. compositesworld.com/WDizAr0l. Read more about the BMW/SGL automotive carbon composites partnership in "SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers plant's two fiber lines in production," HPC November 2011 (p. 17) or visit http://short.compositesworld. com/6u9fjkUc.

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