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NOV 2014

High-Performance Composites is read by qualified composites industry professionals in the fields of continuous carbon fiber and other high-performance composites as well as the associated end-markets of aerospace, military, and automotive.

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N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 4 | 1 9 icycle manufacturer Bianchi (Milan, Italy) was recently recognized for its updated Infnito CV carbon compos- ite model, named "Bike of the Year" by bicycling Web site www.road.cc. The In- fnito CV was ridden by cyclist Lars Boom to victory in Stage 5 of the 2014 Tour de France, a segment known for its teeth- chattering cobblestones. A key element of the Infnito model is an integrated vibration-cancelling prod- uct called COUNTERVAIL (a globally Vibration-cancelling composite technology a boon for bicyclists registered trademark) developed and produced by Materials Sciences Corp. (Horsham, Pa.). The latter has provided design, analysis, engineering and test- ing services to the advanced compos- ites industry since 1970, and has worked with the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force. NASA and the Defense Advanced Re- search Projects Agency (DARPA), as well as notable industry players, such as Mc- Donnell Douglas (now Boeing) Phantom Works. Materials Sciences' commercial COUNTERVAIL product combines tradi- tional vibration-damping layer concepts with a patented fber preform to offer re- portedly "unparalleled" vibration reduc- tion in composite structures. The pre- form's woven fber pattern maximizes the vibrational energy dissipation achieved by an integrated viscoelastic damping layer. Damping performance has been shown to be at least 200 percent better than similar constructions using tra- ditional viscoelastic methods. Report- edly, layups can be tailored to balance the vibration-damping coeffcient with stiffness and strength, and even drape- ability. Very high damping is possible with carbon fber, and good damping is achievable with glass, at a lower cost. The company says COUNTERVAIL is unique because it is integrated into the structure without adding parasitic weight. When a bike tire passes over a cobble- stone, the initial shock impulse excites the structure and causes it to resonate at certain frequencies. COUNTERVAIL is able to damp that resonance very quick- ly, and does so much better than rubber damping material employed by other bi- cycle manufacturers, says Materials Sci- ences. Beyond bicycle frames, COUNTER- VAIL technology offers the potential for thinner, lighter aircraft interior panels that offer airlines the beneft of reduced transmission of engine and airfow noise into the aircraft cabin. Similarly it can mitigate repeated and severe shock loads experienced by marine vessels as the result of high-speed wave impacts. B WHETHER YOU'RE BUYING 2 OR 200... ...THERE'S A SUPERIOR TOOL IN YOUR FUTURE! Tools for Composite, Aluminum, Titanium, Steel. Quick Turnaround on Tools & Coating. ORDER RAPID CUSTOM MADE: 800.428.TOOL (8665) TO BUY ONLINE STOCK: SUPERIORTOOLSERVICE.COM

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