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NOV 2014

High-Performance Composites is read by qualified composites industry professionals in the fields of continuous carbon fiber and other high-performance composites as well as the associated end-markets of aerospace, military, and automotive.

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N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 4 | 4 5 PLANT TOUR / FACC AG W T F yoming est ixtures INC. • Over 40 types of fixtures in stock, ready to be shipped. • Expert consultation with Dr. Adams • Email or call today to discuss your fixture and custom design needs. Fastener Double Shear Test Fixtures NASM 1312-13 2960 E. Millcreek Canyon Road Salt Lake City, UT 84109 Phone (801) 484.5055 Fax (801) 484.6008 email: wtf@wyomingtestfixtures.com www.wyomingtestfixtures.com Dr. Donald F. Adams President 50 years of Composite Testing Experience WE HAVE A VARIETY OF CUSTOM SHEAR FIXTURES We provide quotes for a variety of grips, fxtures, and jigs. We carry over 40 types of fxtures in stock, available for immediate delivery. Email or call us today. We look forward to hearing from you. Amsler Double Shear Test Fixture ASTM B 769 Fastener Single Shear Test Fixture NASM 1312-20 Custom Pin Single Shear Test Fixture L E A R N M O R E @ w w w. c o m p o s i t e s w o r l d . c o m Read an expanded verison of this article online at short.compositesworld.com/FACCTour. Read about Irkut's "Resin-infused MS-21 wings and wingbox" in HPC January 2014 (p. 29) or visit short.compositesworld.com/MS-21wings. if successful, will ensure FACC a future share in the spotlight: It's R&D group's desire to cut next-gen jet engine fan blade weight by 40 percent vs. metal pre- decessors is just one of many examples. Looking into FACC's future, Stephan claimed that the company's fnancial tar- gets — including $1 billion USD (€799 million) in total revenue by 2016 — are readily achievable, given the aerocom- posites market's 5 percent annual growth rate. Although he acknowledges that "China and Russia are more long-term in- vestments," FACC is nonetheless actively pursing growth in the East and will soon assume a 24 percent share in the KAPO- Kompozit facility (Kazan, Tatarstan). This 33,000m 2 /355,000-ft 2 facility will not only produce faps, elevators, rudder and fair- ings for Superjet International's (Venice, Italy) SSJ-100 , but autoclaved prepreg components for Airbus and Boeing air- craft as well. "We are qualifying the Ka- zan plant now as a new FACC site," says Stephan. "We have already done this with the facility in Abu Dhabi where we have partnered with Mubadala, and are proceeding, likewise, in China." For some, the risk of expansion into new markets is an obstacle. For FACC, it's an opportunity enabled by its OEM-rec- ognized emphasis on engineering and program management. Stephan con- tends, "The key to all of our locations is that we ... can not only control the pro- duction processes but also protect our customers' intellectual property." He adds that despite its diverse operations and large number of different part pro- grams, "our additional strength is that we have always been solely focused on composites." Fig. 9 Engine parts in Plant 4 are cured in two massive Scholz autoclaves. Note that the autoclave on the right has the diameter and depth to accommodate several wheeled carts with tools stacked two high. Source: FAC C

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